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29800Z 924 DNDV 34) JO 210A,


Officers of the A.C.U.G.

~—— Those that didn't rum fast enough

Chancellor: (Sense) David O.E. Mohr Treasurer: Scott Farley {716} Commodore Librarian: lnperial Warlord (#23 Edtvor/SysOp: Lord Ronm from Qu.ink (#1)

SLG. reps: Amiga Scott Farley (#16), Emulators Scott Farley {#16}, GEOS Lord Ronn, Basic Programming Lord Ronin. Deputies Commodore Librarian £30, Editor/SysOp Vixen (£3) BBS/msg lmperal Warlord {#2} BBS/Games WareCat (#23) Cracking PAL->NTSC Mad Max (821) Generst Linux (8) WebMenster {Balzabaar}

A.C.U.G. History & Policy Legend has it that we started out in 1978ce as a PET group. Documents exist that show us active in 1983 as a fanctioning users group. A.CULG, stood for ”Astona Commodore Users Group”. Ths is until the early 90s withthe scare from Escom. Then st was changed to be Amiga & Commodore Users Group”. Thus was changed after an attack on the group by Mark Reed. Who destroyed the Amiga part, Name becam Anythmg Commodore Users Growp” at the July 2006ce busness meeting. Group now stands to work with all Commodore PC platforms, ncludmg emulators.

Membership isopen to all of likermind. A desire tolearn and explore this collective PC platform. Cost is 18 per year fer North America. Though the attack upon ushas cut back many resources that are bemg dowly rebudt. Members wal receive a membership caid, Certificate of membership and a starters disk. All created on a Commodore or hardware that works with a Conmodore, Members also receive the monthly publicatton "The Vilage Green”, A newslecter of grogp happeamgs, interests and very biased opinions pro Commodore. Page countis now renummg to i6 pages m boollet form Most often done with Post Print 38, Manbers ant able to have the longest tme and np U/D credit cost on the BBS {curently bemg rebudt} Local members have atcess to the software and hadcopy lbrary and all members have a discouat on Commodore and Amiga tems bought through the sgoncer shop, Mohr Realities Games. Members also can gain che montily (541 dsk ”ThePenny Farthmg”. Copies art 75 cents each manth, Regardless of the amount of diskssued. Lang distance members are alte to gain the disks mn .D64 through the Inet or from the BBS (both oytions are bemg recreated a this monent} Weconsider ourselves to be the most fanatical Conmodore jroup in the multiverse.

Contact ind Next Meetin Snail Mat: ACLKG #447623 29h St. Astorra Ore 97103 Vorce/Machine: 533-325-2616 BBS {bemg rereated}S03-3252905 met: lordrmm@vidiocamneLau 503325-1891 aberom@qwestnet for sto-vah's side Next Meetingis 7:00—m 21/FelyO8ce atMobr Relities Ganes. Dennos, visitors and Smokers wdcome.

Notes Gear PJan2008ce Meeting

Fae ata a ee

C a L/ to report. ¥ our ALR regular self. On everyones lap, purrmig and demanding

her attention. At the time of the meeting there were no exchanges to review In newsletters.

On newsletters, our own is exceptionally late this month. m fact it went out after the meeting on Friday the th LR did post on the mail list that there was a delay. Weather the factor wn this case. His bad health no longer allows him to make the mile 1/2 walk into town when the rain 1s falfen diagonally from the wind. Luckily he was able to get aride on the 16th and did the copy work that day. Followed by folding, staslemg and the cuttmg/afixing of the addy labels the next day.

Gomg over our own Vilage Green. No further word has come to LR about the two prospectrve members for the group. Be better for recruiting when we have the BBS working and our 20 page newsletter agam. Or so he thinks at this te. Ox the part of the SC’s disks. UR satd that he is starting to compile the games from the disks. Already worked on an intro for them. Eventually they will be coupled with a menu and brought out as one of our Penny Fartamg disks.

About the storm in December. Based on what we have heard on the radio. This isnow called the Great Coastal Gale. Wonder if that name will last. Been hearing comparisons with it, the Columbus day storm in the early 60s and some storm that hit here mn the (880s. Forgetting all the physical damage and monetary layouts. Life schedules have yet to return to normal. A problem that 1s plagumg usin the group. Regdar schedules for things have gone down the tubes for the moment. But we are pulling together on that ove.

Last months disk has a story for thu month, But that will be in LR’s section. Along with other new lats for the group directly and indirectly.

TREE coasorComse ssp

them for us. {G)


For this month we pulled out two files that where in zpped Dé4 format. Preserved by our absent #21, Side St has a demo, factory one that is to add. Of the game "Caveman Ugholympics”. Has the opening scenes, fire startmg and saber race. Know that we have the game in the stacks someplace for future release. Side #2 has the game "Pocket Rockets”. Tamed/Tramed by #2i,as well as fixed. Leiko and Warlord gave it a try out. Drag race for time, and both of them entered the hall of fame. Well, there wasn’t anyone there in the fireplace (BG). Three different types of “crotch rockets” as LR calls them. Grafix look good, and there 1s the RPM screen, Gear screen, and now that one has an animated foot on the gear pedal. Second part 1S a track race. long one that has deadly turns. Lerko had other non femmine words to say about the track. Runs oa the joystick and takes some time to learn to play. Did a lot of this game in the demo section, as it

can be addictive. FUIOE certain much should go m this part and how much in my ramblings. Yeah the weather was

just too bad for me to take the long walk mto town. Not wantmg to risk the health any worse than the sho-vall has made it at this time. My explanation as to why the newsletter went out after thts months meetig,

Twotopics do belong m this spot. First is the BBS. No it isn’t up yet. However a week before the meeting | was able to score a ride to town. Where the controler and mech. Along with a collection of sertal cables. All m anew box, where posted to Eddie the One on the East coast. Recently | recenved an e-mail from hum. He got the box. Loves the cables, including the ueber long one that | added. Bcopied the drive. i must lear row todo that some day, Puttmg on a new Seagate drive for me and tested it There was some loosenessd the socket in my controller for the power supply. Ths bothers me as I had replaced it just a few years ago. Systemhasn't had much use since that ome. Guess | may have to hard wire that bugger to the PCB, Or creat some swt of new socket arrangement. Eddie requests that ! use the larger power supply with the budd in fan Whachhe giftedto me before. Did tell me that this oe runs a bit warmer, and that is normal for thes system. Thmksthat the disks or some part of the system that | misunderstand, 1s ceramic. Should last longer than the others.! understand thes, as the first mech for the HD was SOOMB and a Seagate, came from CMD back in the day, Lasted sound 4 years for me. only reason [replaced it was the sample fact, well - ah. I was moving some things in the computer room. The things dropped, hut the HD system and it started to fail. | grabbed it, all welland good except that the bugger was ON at the time. Did something akin to having a head make a divot wit at thestart, of the BBS operation on the fast partition.

Whatthis meats 1s that if all works out right. The week after the meeting { should have the mech and controler back Since ail 5 packed m the honse for the computer stuff, and thanks go to #30 not only for packing it up tosave it from the leaks. But dso for dggme out the controller fram the boxes so I could send it to Elche the One. Well anyway, what | am saymg a that we will have a few hosrs of work when # returns. Cleanag of the lable m the shop, My mtenton is to nove this !28Dcr off the desk. Replace rt with the BBS one. Because tha one has the MMU daughter board for the SCPUL Connect that and the HD. Work not only on theregular tgs here m the shop, Like the newsietter and other wntmgs, along with the programming stuff. Bit also | vil be able to have the tneand facilties m one spot to work heavily on the BBS, Having the shop tame and the system at hand. Since the sho-sah has stil not fixed things and that means I have so much Iss time than before.

Secoad thmg noteworthynessis that we are gop DSL for our conputer. Well for the Imux Kapra> system. Keeping the phone Ime for the BBS. Not gowg teinet yet on that one. £30 has saved for some time. He waits to play some of his games online. Games like the GameCube Phantasy Star Onime. OK a short explanaion abort this game and orlme. Showmg theseason why #30 wanted the DSL for us. Originally this game vas releasd on the Sega DreamCast. That console system had an inbuilt modem. Though | thank it was just did up, | cotld be wrong. Dont want tofight with the constable toreach mme at the moment {G).


Personal opmion here, it 1s one of the first of thus type and still one of the best. But the DreamCast ended. A couple years later ERC it was 2003 or 2005 that the server closed. As the GameCube gained the rewritten one with a second adventure part. Both of these games cam be played off Ime as well as online. | have the DreamCast and GameCube versions. As does £30 of course. Well he wanted to play online for some time. But DSL ws faster than dial up. #8 has been suggestmg strongly that we score up DSL for some computer work as well. | decided to look into it with my local provider. Went for the dowest and therefor cheapest at this time seed of 256k U/D, As! don’t know if this is something that we want or not. Well after starting the deal. | went to the Sega PSO site. Big downer was found. They closed off the server for the GameCube version around 17/April/O7ce. £30 was very writated, understandably. He missed the DreamCast online game and now the GameCube one. Because they issued a new vanant of the game for online play. {5}

OK | am now [ooking at a large chunk of change that has to come from me, and I don’t have it. Can't have £30 pay for something that he will not be using. Already did the contract and | am stuck. Things were bleak at that moment. This before the modem and hub thing arrtved. But we had heard a rumour about a server that had the game. OK | did a Blingo search and in short found it, free to use. Though donations are requested, Appears that the guy who put It up, was also ticked at the main company pullmg the online game while people still wanted to play it! In fact it takes the heretic version. Somethmng called Blue Burst, alone with the GameCube and the DreamCast versions. No idea on the way to connect at this time. But 1t made £30 happy to have it that way, So much so that he asked me to hunt for information on the new Phantasy Star Untverse. Well | did this, and found a new copy at Amazon.com. One that was with shipping about I/3rd the cost of the game at the local store. £30 ordered it and currently is playing the game. He will be going online to play his games in the future. As well as eventually learning how to use the Kajira for his inet work. Even plannmg on having a vesweb account. Makmg the arrangement back to asit was for the costs,

But as of meeting time there 1s a bit of a snag, Can’t connect with the DSL on the Kaytra, Been on the phone with the people at my focal ISP. They have been very helpful in talkang to me At first explainng what DSL is and how it works. Then working with me on the steps for settmg it up, which is where things are crapping out, Being short now, here 1s the situation, Best | have done is log onto vcoweb m tdnet. Connect, enter PW and user name. Made it to PINE for my email, well almost. Typed in PINE at the prompt and it focked up, Sent an e-mail to 78, Who called up on the phone. thankfully { was in front of the computer at that time trymg some of the things that the ISP guys told me. #8 and! worked for over an hour trying to make the kara function. Putting m static things, trying to remove the wireless part of the network connection. in the end, he sad that he would be over on Friday <today> or if he could make arrangements for something with his room mate, on Thursday, meetmg day. He didn’t arrrve on Thursday. | tried to see if there was a msg from him. Using the still existing dial up connection. All of the places, Itke vesweb timed out on trying to connect, Telnet was so full of lag that tt appeared to have a freight tram of white dwarf star matter. Update note 1s that on Friday morning | tried again to connect. Contact number came back with a busy signal, At this pomt m time, { am so frustrated that { am ready to cancel the DSL thmg. Send back the cords, modem and hub. Stick with did up if that will stdl work. Or just drop the entre thing, or go back to usmg The Wave on the I28Dcr. More on this as it develops over the next few daysm the Ramblings. But if it can work #8 has plans for me to DL several things inclidmg the newer version of Kubuntu.


Nota lot with all the other things that have been gomg on. £30 his helped dig out some things m hardware and software. Mamly keeping the [22 and the 20#+ cats off of the stacks of boxes with the software in them. Some reason they want to lay on them. | don’t think that they realize chem weight sn’t helpmg to protect the disks (G), £21 sent two emails to LR. They had a fixed/tramed file to each, Zipped D64 format. These have been DLed and put mto the folder for the CD burn of C: material, Also smce the byte count was different from what it said on the file and what came down by afew bytes. The files where aso stored n [R's home directory at VCSweb. Where it can be obtamed <though not sere how? later for preservation,

Fast that, with the things that have been going on in so many directions. ‘See more about that in the LamblingS Not alot has gone on of note.

BESS g dowed. New ideas have come forth and actually type m the lines stuff has lapged. Been workme on learnmg some of the tools that Chameleon/CSD sent us a few years ago. Programmes for some formats of demo making or intro makmg. We have used one of these m the past. But the others, well they were just past our understanding. Some of them are still that way. Worked with some nitro things. Sample pres that have a scroll and some animation on the screen. Such as one with Mario and another with a dragon head. Other small ones that do an intro, and have aprg with it. These require compacting. That though is the problem. Mainly in a prg that ts a set of tools to make an intro screen, Here it will take a Koala prx, add your text, and some music. Then it 1s all to be compacted. Well it doesn’t work vith either the ECA compacter that is on the disk. Best we get 1s a fast sight of the picture for about a few C: ypffies. Other compacter ws Sledgehammer. This one 1s a bit easier to use. Has some features that we are sot ready to touch, Asit sm ML and one problem is that we have not a chart on what to use for that, if any exists. Last part of the compactmg has three “questions” that must be answered. File name, start addy, now

ni some of the demo thmgs. This is given to us. Then it has a prompt for $01”. I don’t really know what

that means. Asked £8 who asked on one of the lists. Got a msg from Fungas on what it means, But I am not that good to understand what 1s bemg said at this tame. But I did try what was stated and got the same mmegping result. Sledgehammer says it does this in 2 passes. Internal 157! grunts at me. Sign on the screen

says pass #1, and then it 1s mm free spin. Might try it out on a 1541 with a é4c. But not holdmg my breath

hat it will work. Did try it with the pffy dos off, to no change.

#6, thinks that there may be a problem m that Koala demo maker. Since a couple of the sraple mtro screen makers do work with it. But then agam I do have the sysaddr in hex on them to use for the dat requested, Do not have that ma form that I can understand m the Koala Denso maker. Yes | have put the support fies m the proper order and used al the suggested tools.

However there is a pair of tools m that area on the disk that do work for us. One wall make the Koala pic nto a file that can be run in Basic. Well [ haven't tried it yet m that form. Since there are no dox on haw that & done. But I have created the fle m question. We took a pic of aLeopard, came ona disk from Al at SC’s fo us of Koala art. Smple black and white and looks like it was a digital photo. usmg the tool the 40 block Koala pic became {5 blocks. | used the up arrow load in yffy dos, and the bugger loaded on the screen, Removed with the use of the space bar. now if | can put thts mto some of our basic programmes, We can

make some better lookmg thmgs. So far | pust made an mtro to the future disk of ganes fron 5C’s,

Another tool that we tried was a flpper. This one wil flip the Koala prcture m reverse. The little bit on the prg says it ss for things like T-Shirt won ons. { do remember seemg someplace a thing on thatin a flyer or copy sheet for Koala, Another thing that we are doing s making a custom font. Slow proces as we have all the upper case <selectable at the start> characters and the reverse and thegfx symbols, Notlng fancy for our creation work. But a new thng for usto try. So far we know that it wel work mm some of theintro tools,

That take the ultrafont 9 block file. How to use this in aregular programme. Well we don’t understand what 5 bemg sad in the books at tins tne. Also we have used the musc converters. Takng SED masic, the MUS extension and furnng it mtosomethimg that works witha SYS number. Weak on ths at the noment. Only know that it has worked forus. Music now plays without a SID phyer.

Sprites were understandabe m the 64 users guide. { caught the ea whes we went over it afew months ago for the rebirth of the programming group. Then agan when ! wrete the personal look at thestarting of usmg the C= for the group and for the Starters disk as well asperhaps lor CommodoreFree mag. See Rambings on that oxe> So when | found a tool that makes sprites on that tools disk. Iwas thinting of aproyect for us. OK there are some dox that Chameleon wrote for it for us. | chaight thatthere wauld be asave featere. If


there ts, | can’t fmd it, and therefore have had to hand copy the DATA lines. Well we made a simple thing

for a demo maker we are trymg to learn how to use. Saw & sprites on the demo. Thmkmg that therefore we ae limited to 6 sprites. We used the tool to create a chicken head, the mtials for the group and follow that with a floppy disk. OK not great at all m look. But we are trymg. did do them m different colours. But that | feel isn't a thing to worry about. As with the push of a button. We are grven just the data line. 7 Imes of 9

sets of numbers. So the 63 bytes are covered. Now how to install it m the prg? At the moment we have found out how ma simple Ime to turn on 6 sprites. But if we have to add the read part and where to grab from what block thmg. We are lost at thus time. There is nothing we have found at this tne about how to write m the read part or the number thmg for more than one sprite. Forcing us to hunt through the books. We just might get It to work in the future.

FAL 7} DF lympic demo, and the gang played the Pocket Rockets game. Looked at the Leopard screen

and how it was made. The font programme and what has been done, some more work was done at the tame. how the Koala Demo is made and the problems with the compacters.

DSL srtuation both pro for the group and the difficulties, that have LR ready to cancel the entire mess, How we have grown more confident m trying out new things on the C= in programming and some of the tools LR has been giving a more serious look at the Jim Butterfield ML book. Trying to gam a sense of what 1s happening. Work to be done on the BBS in the shop. When things may be able to put the system and ul the other C= stuff back n the proper places m the game/computer room. Ideas for upcoming disks for both the 64 and the (28, L's fading health. Sho-vah sttuation and the difficulties as we are reaching the 2 year mark of hus attacks. #16 m the cat box and how he ts doing. He didn’t spend the $1,000 for that SCPU

he saw on ebay. What can be done for a prmter that can do post print. Possibility of fixmg any of the ones that we have, and how to pay for it.



There are a few things to put out at the start of this long rambling thing this time around. First the house condition. At the time this is written, on the (8th of Jan, day after the meeting. Tarp is on the roof, aad the word is that as soon as the msurance stuff is handled. Then the home depot people will be puttmg on anew roof. | mean by that 1t has to be torn down to the rafters and built from there! Uno! that 1s completed, nothing can be done for the game/computer room cedmg. So nothmg can at this time be placed back n the toom. Everything thing m the room will have to be tarped before the ceiling can cone down and be replaced, Ican tell chat things wil be crazy at that te. Someone wil have to be m the house. Mainly to keep the kitties fram getting out, but to also be on hand for the workers No date set for any of this, so we wait. Oh yeah the snk faucet went out. No hot water, apless you turn on the shut off valve. Waitmg for that to be replaced as well.

When | could get on line. thad an emad from Nigel at CommodoreFree mag. He wanted to know if Ihad that disk ready, Naturally smce we used it for the Penny Farthing last month The disk was ready. Wal amost, as! wanted to ask Al Jackson at SCs if he could transmit it to Nigel. however with al the things that have gone on recently. | didn’t send off that email question. So today after i pet 6 stamps on the mater

and hope it 4s enough. | sent the disk to Nigel in the UK. He had given me his snail mail addy to use if | couldnt do the transtusston method. Hope that there is somethmg there that he can use. Size of the files are ‘bigger than what will work with the disk version reader. Al may have to chop them in half for a mutmpart aspectio any that are used. Most of the files are near 100 blocks. The menu reader used for the disk seems to didikeanything over 50-60, at least from my few experements. | hope that Nigel will be able to translate them for the mag. Since they were written with EdStar # and are in SEQ format. [ don't know what

difficubtes that might present him m curning it mto the .pdf and ascn and html formats he has on the web ate. (&

Speaking of text files or SEQ files. One thng that wasn’t discussed or shown at the meeting 1s a tool that wil corvert SEQ files to PRG. Dox for rt talk about using it for BBS screens. | did try it out on a SEQ file of oneof the Operation Lost Cats that was on the computer. Did sort of do the job. But the first lines had a lot of TAN written on them. Didn't run but | could do a basic listing. You can set the start of the Basic line numbex, and what the mcrements are for the prg. Maybe try this out again on a smaller than 100 block file.

Today, Friday the (8th. There was junk mai, a Dr. Who {with Tom Baker} disk and a newsletter m the post. Siprised me as we haven't seen one from Fresno m the post for several years. Well another shop was the stanp. Colour picture is of Jeri Ellsworthl! Looks like it was made m some form from stamps.com. Wonder if we can use it ourselves. Have some C= lookmg and kitty lookmg stamps. Maybe even a Che one, ard dice? if the DSL works and the prg will work on the Kapra of course. Newsletter is done by Lenard Raachaf the Kansas City group. Not sure if that one is stil around. As we haven't seen a newsletter from them mmany months. Add here cause it is now the {7th of the month. That | wal do as much justice to the FCUGnewsletter as possible. However todays post gave me three other groups that need to be reviewed as well,

The aterface Nov/Dec 2007ce. Editor Lenard starts the issue with comments about the Comm Vex event. Missing the second of the three disks. His feelngs on seemg himself on the vids. Pratse for Robert and theFCLG on the work that they are domg. Fact that he is no longer using winvice. But on areal C= system. As he sdoing the newsletter work. Dick Estel writes about the other work that the FCLIG has been doing. Emas seaton donations to charitable groups. Also a year round proyect is the cell phones for soldiers. He explains thes: charities in depthin the article. Those interested can see them at the A.CLLG. GHQ. Artidettiat follows is by Robert Bernardo. The SC3 arcade party. At this event, Robert met several people from diferent sroups. Andrew, whom ! take to be our Balzabaar was also there for the event. Held sat a privatehome from what lunderstand. Roberts first trp and wall not be hus last either. Besides the arcade mactrns, he meations may different type of okder game machmes and a SX-64. He brought out hus to the gice ofthe operator. Who found aut that he was no longer the only Comme at the place. Andrew spoketivi aman vho had fhe colleckon as worked upon the Color64 BBS. <wish I was there to have shown my ignoraice of thirgs, but lave learned> The article is ong and has many bits of mtel for us Hearmg about SOME fTOSPECtIVE projects from different places for the C= was great news. Locals that wish can have a full read atthe shop. This is followed by an approxmate 2 page bit from Ray Carlson, about PLA replacement, using a1 EPROM and an Adaptor. This adaptor setup is on his website. He discusses some of the things that are dor, along with a bit of the process. Nothing though that we can do here at this time. As our EPROM unit iS or the C= and wedon’t know how to use it m the first place, let alone have anon C= system to do thework, Lat part of his artick is one that we do understand. After he discusses the difficulties with differet systens. The pat about puttmg ma socket and soldermg it to the board, So the chup can be replaced, That we undersand <G Last page of the newsletter has the fmancial statement for the year.

AmntlechDayton Gazette Nace set of emoticons usng kitty pictures on page #2. Enc has a long bt in his editorial. cpen sourte on the Amiga projects to keep it from stagnatme. Hes work on anew laptop m puttingm so fom of Amga/Linux His work on setting up “Puppy” linax flavour with his comments about some df the thesrres about Imux asd its users, Long bit on moaster of windoze to the world. To which | must agree in hisstatements. Now how did be get the cose button on fus Inux system to the normal left?

Seems that Annga OSS release has been announced, Real3D is now a free DL. Wonder if it works on that 1200 of mme when we can have it running aga. James Lawrence has a bit on X-Amiga. States that 1s an Amiga emulator that runs on the X84wintel platform. But one doesn’t need a full blown system and he does mention Linux m that part. A few words on Amnthion, but just enough to have me grasp a bit of the concept. $o now | wonder if it wal run on my Linux. Asit ts older hardware than current. James ends the article with the pros and cons of this new X-Amuga thing m mstallation. My knowledge of Lun 1s non existent, save

for parroting what | have been shown. | can understand the frustrations mentioned in the article. {9}

4C-r from Cinemnati is another one that arrived in the post today. Opening it up, there s what appears to be a colour pic of a tattoo, a colored C= tattoo. I gotta get one of those!l Snogpitch has his first cold of the year. He reports that there are some VIC20 products commg out. They do work as a cart on a real Vic. Ober has a bit on the first page. Explaining the new look of the newsletter. Thanks ax, better on my old eyes. He also asks the members if they want to have the newsletter as prt or m email. Print for us please. Next he asks if the members want the annual disk which is restarting. If so do they want it asa C84 or a peecee. IF we get one it must be a C= disk{G).

Page #2 had a list of known active boards, Sadly we are not active and not on the list. But in time... Page 43 has some new hardware for the C=. 8x8KB cart. From what | read it stores 8 generic carts onto one chip. Looks like there Is some erpom burning m this one. RS-232 mterface for the user port. Says it supports various configuration modes usng an 8 way DP switch, Select Imes lie DSR, DTR, RTS, CT. NovaTerm 9.6 had speeds of 9600baud. Do not know #f this is anything on the Imes of the SwirftLink cart. MIDI multi standard interface, On this one | don't really follow what is beng said. We haven't worked with MIDE Three dot cart expander. Comes with reset switch and several features that Ido not understand, Stereophonic Sid cart. Many features that I don’t understand because of the hex nember stuff. Does have a pass through port for work with the Prophet64. But it does not come with the 2nd SID chip A new NET Cart, that works with RRNET and TFE.

Page #5 &t 6 has a bit of an mterview with Jack about the 25th anmversary. Didn't know that he plays pacman on his 64. On #7 there is the fl of the colour sheet. The one that | first saw when | opened the envelope. Shots from the latest Style demo. Screen pix look great. A silver com starts with the logo. End of the sertes has the flip side of the com. Dedicated with a great looking mage of Jim butterfield and hus pre. Art looks good on the other screens. Be glad when | cau DE it, rf! ever get back on ime. And eventually have it on a dub disk for us.

Ryte Bytes from the gang at Kansas City. We received the November aad the December issues m the past today, Lenard does a few columns on his group and trying to have more members. [ took a deep read for many reasons, We are m the same boat, have had the problems he mentions and yeah he talks abit out us. So m effect this isn’t a real review of his piece. More of a reply. Yeah we know of the problem of people not knowing how to load and run programmes on the (=. [tell interested people that tus ts a great secunty feature. Smuling hairy face as! do it, but the truth is there none the less. Truth be told, | found that the majority of people today want ther computer to do it all for them. We joke about future features of popping ats and cleanmg your backside on the next generation of computers. People that want to thank, people that want hands on experience, who want to create from scratch. OK the artisc, mtellectuals, counter culture and what ever terms apply for those not programmed by the current fad thought pattem. These people are those that are terested in usmg the C=. I use a sales prtch at times that says m different ways. We programme the Commie, you are programmed by windoze, A tag Ine I also use goes “The computer wars are over. The computers have won!” Gets the attention of the right people. Yes the A.CULG. has opened to Long Distance members. At the moment we are working on making atleast one RC meetmg a month. Along with the locals m them face to face <F2F> monthly meeting. Sure it would be great to have that 20 page booklet newsletter agam, As well as the BBS back up and running. But hey on 633 usd per month. Hard for me to save up for things. Yeah we want to have the group as nonprofit wth tax exemption. Be great for getting more LD, members. But the hoops and the cost are dowmg this dawn, OK the mam guy doms the research is m lraq

again. rue we did change the name of the group from "Amiga & Commodore Users Group” to the newer one Anyting Commodore Users Group”. Origmally back m the early 80s rt was ”Astoria..” This was

promptd by what mark <the sho-vah> reed did and is still doing to us. Stealmg all the Amiga stuff, as well

as the mowledge. We decided on a name that would reflect the fact that we are mterested in all things Commadore. Sure the PET, the Vic and the other Imes that we use reguiarly. But the Anything does bring 19 the Amga people as well. OK it lets in watch and calculator users too. But hey they are Commodore users Maybd can con them out of ther stuff (VBG). True] use a Inux system, but not as my primary system. At the manent | am very much in dark feelmgs about it. Things are so much smplier to understand and caster tp

do on he C=. | feel that | am in charge. Not the other way around. {10}

Ponto consider is what does a Users Group have to offer a new member? on that the first thmg to consid is what 1s the new prospective member? Look he isn’t the starry eyed teen of the 80s. Wanting to know low to use his first computer. Not is he the 43 year old man that begrudgmngly got a computer and wants © know what 1t 1s for his life. OK the last one 1s me, at the start. Nope the prospective member 1s someor. that has experience with another platform. There is much that | can write on this topic, and perhan: shouldagam. Bottom Ime for any user group. You have to have something to offer the scared indrvidual that i$ intersted. Books, mags, files, hardware, and more. These thmgs were in the past and made groups full up. A BS was a thing that I jearned on Q-Link was somethmg that most groups had set up. But most imporantly you need mhat are willing to take a newbie under ther wing and spoon feed them the informaron. It sharder to teach someone about the C= today than in the 80s. Because they are trained ima differet way. Last part, let emulators in, but only m the aspect of emulation. We restrict ther voting rights. Becaust we have seen groups that merged with other groups. C= dies a fast death and ts outside m the cold and ran with other discrmmated groups, like smokers.

Decenper issue starts with a note that the Kansas City Amiga group is talking about merging with the C= grayp. Oh there 1s a contested race for the presidency of the C= group. Scribe’s Scribble had more on the dettion, anda bigger bit on the proposed merger. Which wil be a vote at the meeting. All of the Amiga group nembers are invited to attend. Lenard is going to bring several tems for the meetmg. Besides his food patters. His brmemg Twisted Christmas | & 2. Silo &4 and Weird World Il Games that we have playedat here aad not | {G), He alto has the Chevy Tech demo disk. The one that we recerved last year at MossyLon3. Several copes of the TEA 4.2, Along with some disks fram the CommVex show. These being vid dist, We hope that hes operation went well.

‘January Issue vas snuck in as well Poor Lenard was all ready to go to the Xmas meeting. When his secondjob rang him up. Clerk hada friend that was shot and m hospital, Could Lenard work that night. Ratherthen tellmg them to smeg off. Some how Lenard said the wrong thing. ended up workme the shift dnc missmgthe meetng/party. Hmm, must be the sugar substitute in the soda pop. Or he found one of my old sugar aibes wrap alumuniamn foul from the 60s {VBG), He makes a large apology in the newsletter. Offermg some qptions at the moment to make up for hs nussed meeting and party. Since he didn’t have the opportumty to bring thefood andthe different disks, There s much to be said about not answering phones. Guess fat 1s why we have the machme on the one for the shop and group. Can always not listen to the message until it & convenent for us. In other sections, Jack 1s sil lookmg for homes for hs extra C= stuff. ackkincad@sbcgiobal net for more information, Bummer is we are too bust at the moment to go for anythig, Scot gves thants to all that attended. For the food and drmk and the (28D system that played xmas music, New Presidest is Mike Nedham from ther elections.

Well there wehave the ones that arrived today. Another enrelope armived as well. Priority mail from Balzabarr. He returned my JiffyDos manual with the 64 mstallation and the 41 with 71 mstallation papers, They will be bored up. Untal the Ibrary cat be reset.

Nowon our focal projerts. That ate proyct from Lenard at the Kansas City group. Well it s started over again. True to form, the 681 that keld the .D64 data of the duks. Corrupted with a track 40 error. So | am

dong it over again with different tools Lenard will be recerving a copy of the disks, as well as a backup m the zpped .D64 format. Of course with his originats, | will add the e-text for him as well. There is alot to type m, and that isn’t counting the quick reference cards, Loads of story and | can’t type. {If}

Zizaiim'll My mind is asleep on Sunday afternoon. Just awoke, not that isn’t true. Haven't had coffee yet, Not awake m any sense of the word. A reason must exist for ths condition. Oh yeah besides the health one, our £8 came by around 9:30ish Saturday night. There were some problems in making the trip earlier, Things after that just flew around and around, Topics, ideas, projects and the like. Problem with the connector for that USB2RS-232 connector was covered in flash, Simple connector is all that 1s needed. one that should be easly obtained at or through the rat shack. But the mam task was the "get the frustrated freak back on che met”. Well with the gift of a 40GB HD. The task was started, and cook til he had to leave at 06:45 ths mormmg. At the moment the Kaymra is coverless. But | should be able to access the Inet this night. As 730 did an hour findmg thmgs on the web after £8 had stopped for the night. OK what was the problem with the Inet connection on the Kajmra? Surprisingly, nothmg that | had done. Nope eventually it turns out to have been a problem with the 7,04 beta programme that 28 used for our first attempt to use Linux. At the moment | am not certam of al the things that were said or done. Save that he will return ma few weeks. As now that the mam problem is found. We have a base of anew Linux flavour. He well return with a CD of the full version, If f understood the words correctly. Must admit that part of my not following everything that he sard and showed me. Got a bug like thing. Part a bug and part pushmg too much. Almost made a bigger fool of myself last night, by fallmg ail the way to the floor on more than one occasion, Nice wall was there to catch me. We did talk on different "dstros” that are out, what are some future plans for them. | did see how to get to the BIOS place and a little on what that does for the system. Saw a demo of some online radio stations. Loads of them play the Kmks (G), Did see. a bit of a place called youtube. Yeah | had him check there for Tongue Tied and The Rimmer Munchkin Song. OK they are there but there 1s stil that lag as they load and play and load. But not as bad as dial up. Get to see them as he mstalled the “flash” <> thmggy for this site. At this time, while on now strong coffee and keeping my head from falling onto the KB. Haven't played wrth the new flavour of Linux. We talked on how to bring across the important fie folders from the Other flavour. Can’t remember what he said exactly. Save some warnings and that he would be back and show me how to do the task. Honestly Ispent most of the time, flat on my back with a set of Vids of “classic” <term used foosely> horror fiims. Standmg wasn’t an easy thing to do for mmutes on end. Making it $30 that gamed the majortty of the information. must add that he also proved that he does catch the stuff, just doesn’t realize it at the time.

Da not connect £30’s GameCube to that private site. Some sort of Error 18 failed to connect showed up on his screen. Thought for a while that the system was dead. But after some tests. That part 1s fine, as the lights did show on the hub box. Perhaps some deliberate destruction on the cat-5 cable that goes to the left, done by the previous tenant. One that sded with the sho-vah? We have a test to make and further mformation to look into and try out. Stul alot closer for his desires than a week ago. Oh yeah #8 set up an account on the Kara for £30. That is how he spent the tme on the web findmg some files he wanted. Already he ts wiling to do the work for me on hunting up C= thmgs on the web. Which brings me to a topic that all of us talked about last night. Puttng C= stuff on C= disks for our use. Ones that we grab with the Linux thmg, Somethmg about the 3 1/2” drivem the Katra that wall do it as a [S81? Not really sure what £8 meant about that one. We also talked on the XE cable thing. A device that may be of use but | am not well enough now to consider the mpact. Usiag areal C= with the Kaya must wart til all can be put back in the computer/game room, Just no real space for that sort of set up m the current location, £8 tried in depthto explam a thing that starts with"dd” mn the line. ! understand that this will make an mage of the HD, | mea the one mn the CMD unit for the BBS etc.